Christian Todenhagen / Wolfgang Thiele (eds.)
Nominalization, Nomination and Naming

Band 44, 2007, 258 Seiten
EUR 49,50
ISBN 978-3-86057-172-9
Reihe: Stauffenburg Linguistik


This anthology breaks new ground by imposing a triadic motif on the problem of nomination. It surmounts the terminological barrier erected by a single category through the innovative triad Nominalization – Nomination – Naming. The content is arranged into three sections which deal first with the theoretical and applied aspect of the triptych, secondly with its immediate linguistic habitat and thirdly with disciplines which are directly impacted by the topic.
The contributions themselves very often express a linguistic bias but they also take an anthropological, semiotic, translatological or didactic stance so that this volume will appeal to a variety of interests.

From the contents:


Part I

Alwin Fill (Graz): Nomination and Ecology. Anthropocentric, Anthropomorphic and Physiocentric Naming    

Christian Todenhagen (Chico): The Name of the Subject III    

Saundra K. Wright (Chico): Phonology, Gender, and Naming Trends. The Feminization of Traditionally Male Names    

Iman Makeba Laversuch (Cologne): The Generation of New Word-Blends for a New Generation of Blended Americans. An Examination of Official and Unofficial  Racial Ethnonyms and the US Census Policy of Nomenclature  

Joachim Schwend (Leipzig): Ireland and Irishness. Myths and Myth-Making, or Constructing an Imagined Community   

Magda Mueller (Chico): The Complex Game of Analyzing Names in German Literature and Culture – An American Reflection    

Andrea Lerner (Chico): When You Take Someone’s Name   

Part II

Angelika Bergien (Magdeburg): Iconicity and Economy as Creative Forces in Noun-Name Constructions

Karlheinz Hengst (Chemnitz)/Natalia Vasil’eva (Moscow): Naming in Texts. Literary Onomastics as Integration in Text Linguistics

Antina Ittner (Prague): Namen – Wissen – Textkonstitution

Wolfgang Thiele/Astrid Thiele (Leipzig): The Meaning of Headings and Subheadings as They are Realized in a Popular-Scientific Text

Part III

Albrecht Neubert (Hartenstein): Nomination and Translation

Eckhard Paul (Leipzig): Fachdidaktische Anmerkungen zu Prozessen der Nominalisierung im Russischen

Michael K. Buckland (Berkeley): Naming in the Library. Marks, Meaning, and Machines   

The Contributors.

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