Martin Heusser
I Am My Writing
The Poetry of E. E. Cummings

1997, VIII, 360 Seiten
EUR 44,30
ISBN 3-86057-065-X
Reihe: Monographien


The American poet E. E. Cummings is one of the leading writers who – together with Pound, Eliot and Joyce – re-defined literary expression in our century. His inclusion of the visual dimension of the printed page in the poetic process gave decisive impulses to Modernist poetry. Yet, Cummings’ poetry is also difficult, despite occasional claims to the contrary, as it is characterized by a deep-seated, elusive heterogeneity affecting both the language and the typography. I Am My Writing addresses these issues and arrives at new and different readings of Cummings’ poetry by concentrating on three main issues: it investigates Cummings’ notion of selfhood as a heterogeneous sign, traces the central themes of his poetry, and outlines the conceptual underpinning of his poetics, paying special attention to difficulties inherent in his visual rhetoric. Based on extensive research into the collection of Cummings’ manuscripts at the Houghton Library, Harvard, I Am My Writing makes available, for the first time, numerous statements by Cummings on his poetry and poetics. Apart from unpublished fragments of prose, it also contains a number of unpublished poems. I Am My Writing goes beyond previous studies, in that it does not gloss over the fundamental heterogeneities of Cummings’ work, but rather treats them as an inherent principle. As the title suggests, it turns on the notion that Cummings equates selfhood with text: by creating poetry, Cummings creates his own "self."

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