Wolfgang Görtschacher / Holger Klein (eds.)
Dryden and the World of Neoclassicism

Band 17, 2001, IV, 299 Seiten
EUR 45,50
ISBN 3-86057-317-9
Reihe: Studies in English and Comparative Literature


To honour the tercentenary of Dryden's death, an international conference was held in Salzburg. The volume contains selected papers from that three-day event. The papers address several groups of issues: Dryden in his own time and within the general framework of Neoclassicism, exploring the nature and usefulness of that term, arriving at important revisions of the concept. Then there are investigations of the poems and plays, paying particular attention to models and analogues, to political and constitutional aspects as well as to questions of the baroque and the sublime as concepts, but also to generic questions including satire and parody. Further contributions deal with Dryden as part of the European literary tradition as shown in his translations of the classics and of medieval literature. A last group of contributions is concerned with aspects of language, including body language.

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