Sabine Coelsch-Foisner / Holger Klein (eds.)
Private and Public Voices in Victorian Poetry

Band 16, 2000, 296 Seiten
EUR 45,50
ISBN 978-3-86057-316-7
Reihe: Studies in English and Comparative Literature


Private and Public Voices in Victorian Poetry is an important collection of essay dealing with both the leading voices of the canon of Victorian poetry and such lesser known names as R.S. Hawker, William Allingham, Lydia Bosworth Smith, and W.E. Henley. The discussion as to what constitutes a private or a public voice opens up in many directions, taking into account the very concept of voice, the dialogical relation within and between texts, public and private discourses of the body, of love and relationships, the autobiographical aspect of poetry, the role of religion and religious convictions, and the interrelation between poem and image, between music and voice, and between speaking and listening. Literally carrying the critical debate about the poetic voice into a new age, this book is disturbingly relevant to a deeper understanding and a more discriminating evaluation of the cultural, institutional, and aesthetic criteria by which some voices, no doubt, will continue to be more public than others.

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