Claudia Sternberg
Written for the Screen
The American Motion-Picture Screenplay as Text

Band 8, 2022, unveränderter Nachdruck der 1. Auflage 1997, XVI, 260 Seiten
EUR 40,30
ISBN 978-3-86057-338-9
Reihe: Transatlantic Perspectives


Written for the Screen draws on examples from U.S. American screenwriting to establish the status of the motion-pictures screenplay as a literary text. The volume sets out the unique conditions of screenplay production and reception, outlines the genre’s constituent features, and demonstrates the artistic potential of the text-type for cinematic realization.
Written for the Screen introduces a text-type (the motion-picture screenplay) which is situated on the threshold of performance – to an even greater extent than drama – and, as a written text, has therefore been neglected by both film and literary studies. The volume addresses the question of film authorship and sets out the unique conditions of screenplay production and reception. Written for the Screen outlines the genre’s constituent features and demonstrates the cinematic potential for dialogue, characterization, perspective, time structure, setting, color, sound, music, montage and mise-en-scène contained in the screenplay text. The screenwriter is seen as a creative and stylistically versatile artist who anticipates the range of possibilities which his/her text represents for the final film. The selection of scripts covers U.S. American screenplays from the early sound film to the 1990s and encompasses a variety of genres from the American cinema. Many examples, both from well-known screenplays but also from others which have remained unpublished and even unproduced, illustrate the function and aesthetics of this hitherto quite unknown text-type.

"Among other things, Sternberg's English book which derives from a dissertation in German, attempts to break out of the insularity of much German academic writing. Even if one may harbour doubts about her plea for screenplay research outside its traditional niche, the careful editing as well as the cogent arguments in Written for the Screen make it seem written to be read." (read more)
Eckart Voigts-Virchow, Prolepsis - The Tübingen Review of English Studies;
published 25.5.2000.

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