Andrew McIntyre
German Double Particles as Preverbs
Morphology and Conceptual Semantics

Band 61, 2001, X, 335 Seiten
EUR 66,-
ISBN 978-3-86057-451-5
Reihe: Studien zur deutschen Grammatik


The book deals with German double particle verbs of the type (he)runterfallen, hinzufügen. The first part treats issues pertinent to particle verbs in general, including non-compositional particle verb formation mechanisms, the possibility of a morphological derivation of particle verbs, and the status of pleonastic prepositional structures like ums Haus herum. Part B is a semantic analysis of the double particle verb system in the framework of Conceptual Semantics. An exhaustive data sample from dictionaries and corpora is included, which provides an empirical basis for future research. Among other things, Part C discusses the elements her-, hin- and r-, showing that they are not purely deictic elements, and offers a detailed comparison of the semantics and argument structures of double and single particle verbs, yielding insights into the semantics of particle verbs in general.

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