Holger Klein / Sabine Coelsch-Foisner / Wolfgang Görtschacher (eds.)
Poetry Now
Contemporary British and Irish Poetry in the Making

Band 13, 1999, 405 Seiten
EUR 61,80
ISBN 978-3-86057-313-6
Reihe: Studies in English and Comparative Literature


In October 1996 some 30 British and Irish poets as well as some North American ones, among them many also active as critics, lecturers and editors of poetry magazines, congregated in Salzburg with critics, translators, and some publishers from Germany and Austria to discuss the kinds of poetry and the situation of poetry in the British Isles today. All phases were of interest, from composition to publication. Poetry was treated both as an aesthetic object and as a social process.

The present volume unites the majority of the papers given in revised form and some in an expanded version. There emerges, as in a mosaic, a unique impression of anglophone lyric and epic poetry in our time, joined to critical assessments and systematizations. The book offers a broadly-based stock-taking of what there is, encompassing many different currents and single works, some of them very much in the limelight today, others less noted, but all of them valuable. Because most contributions were written by creative personalities, the collection assumes a character which leaves mere stock-taking in the usual sense far behind.

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