Rudolf Freiburg / Arno Löffler / Wolfgang Zach (eds.)
Swift: The Enigmatic Dean
Festschrift for Hermann Josef Real

Band 12, 1998, XVIII, 324 Seiten, Ln
EUR 65,80
ISBN 978-3-86057-312-9
Reihe: Studies in English and Comparative Literature


For more than thirty years Hermann Josef Real has dedicated both his time and energy to the study of the Anglo-Irish satirist Jonathan Swift. As an inspired university teacher Real has filled generations of students with enthusiasm for the Dean of St. Patrick’s. As a passionate scholar he enjoys an international reputation of great distinction and has set standards in modern Swift studies with his edition of The Battle of the Books, with his monographs and critical commentaries, with his translations and with more than fifty scholarly articles. As the director of the "Ehrenpreis Institute for Swift Studies" he has managed to turn the university of Münster into a stronghold for Swiftian scholarship. Swift Studies, the scholarly paper, founded by Real ten years ago has developed into a prestigious forum under his aegis, and has meanwhile become an invaluable instrument for the learned discussion of all questions concerning Swift’s life and work. The present Festschrift Swift: The Enigmatic Dean honours the academic achievements of Hermann Josef Real. It contains new contributions from friends, colleagues and fellow Swiftians from all over the world.

Inhalt der Festschrift / Table of Contents:

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Paul-Gabriel Boucé: Death in Gulliver’s Travels: The Struldbruggs Revisited. Andrew Carpente: Peculiar Pastorals: Swift, Delany ans Orrery in The Ulster Miscellany. Michael DePorte: Pen and Ink Drawings (Swift, Gulliver’s Dream). Alan Downie: Swift and Locke’s Two Treatises of Government. Frank H. Ellis: How Many Voices has A Tale of a Tub? John I. Fischer: Swift Writing Poetry: The Example of "The Grand Question Debated". Rudolf Freiburg: Enlightened Darkness: Swift’s Use of Arcane Knowledge in A Tale of a Tub. Brean S. Hammond: Swift, Pope and the Efficacy of Satire Ann Cline Kelly. Swift: Mystery and the Mythopoeic Process in Print Culture. Jürgen Klein: Enigmatic Folly or Foolish Enigma: Speculations on Gulliver’s Travels Book III. Arno Löffler: "Suit your Words to Musik Well": Swift and the Poetic Harmonists. Joseph McMinn: The Gardener in the Deanery. Edgar Mertner: Franz Kottenkamps Gulliver-Übersetzung: eine beachtliche Leistung aus dem frühen 19. Jahrhundert. Bernfried Nugel: Aldous Huxley: Detractor or Admirer of Swift? Hugh Ormsby-Lennon: Classis? Under the Stage-Itinerant. Leland D. Peterson: Gulliver’s Secret Commission. Oliver Pickering: Thomas Fitzgerald’s Criticism of Gulliver’s Travels. Clyve T. Probyn: "Titian painting draught boards": Swift and a new Anglo-Latin "letter". Claude Rawson: Gulliver and Others: Reflections on Swift’s "I" Narrators. Angus Ross: "The Grand Question Debated": Swift on Peace and War. Ian Ross: Fifty Years On: Swift and Burns as Arrangers and Editors of Their Own Poems. Hans-Peter Wagner: Swift, Hogarth and the End(s) of Biographical Studies. Margaret Weedon: "I am gald the Medals were Forgot" – Some Medals Remembered. David Woolley: ‘About ten days ago ...’. James Woolley: Writing Libels on the Germans: Swift’s "Wicked Treasonable Libel".

Pressestimmen / Reviews:
"The Festschrift does not forget that H. J. Real is himself a master editor. The three editors present him with a carefully prepared and elegantly illustrated volume, worthy of the shelves og the Ehrenpreis Center for Swift Studies."
Jean-Paul Forster (C.T.U. Nancy), ZAA XLVII 4:4 (1999)

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