Jacqueline Hurtley / Michael Kenneally / Wolfgang Zach (eds.)
Literatures in English:
Ethnic, Colonial and Cultural Encounters

Band 22, 2011, 396 Seiten
EUR 49,90
ISBN 978-3-86057-322-8
Reihe: Studies in English and Comparative Literature


The book is a further fruit of the Centre for the International Study of Literatures in English (CISLE), housed at the University of Innsbruck, Austria, directed by Professor Wolfgang Zach. The range of articles were originally delivered at a conference held at the University of Barcelona in July 2007 with the support of the Department of English and German and the Faculty of Philology, chaired by Professors Wolfgang Zach, Michael Kenneally and Jacqueline Hurtley and which was attended by some seventy scholars from around the globe.

The volume carries thirty-two papers which appear in groups of three or four according to distinct subject matter and geographical area:

1. Global English, literatures in English and ethics
- Rüdiger Ahrens, “Equity as Ethical Principle in Postcolonial Anglophone Narration.”
- Andrew Parkin, “Some Cultural Advantages of Globalisation: International Writers against ‘In House’ Limitations.”
- Chitra Sankaran, “Questions of Ethics and Aesthetics in Kiran Desai’s The Inheritance of Loss.
- Santosh K. Sareen, “English Literature in India: the Colonial, Cultural Encounter.”

2. Transnational Ties and Challenges
- Bruce Bennett, “Transnational Challenges: Australian Literature’s War on Terror.”
- Brigitte Glaser, “Transnational Writing and the Question of Neo-Colonialism.”
- Bill Phillips, “The Edge Effect: Ecotones and Borders.”

3. Resisting hegemonic definition in Britain, Scotland and Mauritius
- Susanne Pichler, “ ‘Let England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland be nations that are plural and inclusive’: Andrea Levy’s Fruit of the Lemon (1999).”
- Carla Sassi, “Remembering the Caribbean: Post-devolutionary Scotland at the Crossroads of History and Memory.”
- Sheila Wong Kong Luong, “Identity and Nation in Lindsey Collen’s Mutiny.”

4. Relocating identities in India, Fiji and Tasmania
- Jyoti Nandan, “Indian Nationalism’s Legacy for Women.”
- Satendra Nandan, “Colonial, Cultural Encounters: Imagining a Fijian-Indian Community?”
- Henry Reynolds, “Mixed Descent Tasmanians and European Scientific Racism.”

5. Poetry, Prose and Politics in South-East Asian Writing
- Isabela Banzon Mooney, “The ‘Formless’ and ‘Sentimental’: Language and Identity in Early Poetry in English in the Philippines.”
- Dennis Haskell, “The Meanings of Malacca: Identity and Exile in the Writings of Ee Tiang Hong, Shirley Lim and Simone Lazaroo.”
- Mohammad A. Quayum, ‘My Country’ / ‘Our Country’: Race Dynamics and Contesting Nationalisms in Lloyd Fernando’s Green is the Colour and Shirley Geok-lin Lim’s Joss and Gold.”
- Lily Rose Tope, “Parallel Histories; Ethnic Negotiation in Southeast Asian Writing.”

6. The Slave Trade and Britain: Controversy, Comment and Poetry
- Wolfgang Zach, “The Controversy about the Slave Trade and Slavery in Britain, Part I: Outline of the Project, Methodological Reflections and an Exemplary Analysis of the First Parliamentary Debate in 1789.”
- Ulrich Pallua, “The Controversy about the Slave Trade in Britain, Part II: Pro- and Anti-Slavery Voices in Periodical Literature: The Gentleman’s Magazine and The Monthly Review.”
- Adrian Knapp, “The Controversy about the Slave Trade in Britain, Part III: Pro-and Anti-Slavery Voices in the Contemporary Press: the Economic Parameter in The Times, 1787-1792.”
- Annabell Marinell, “A Female Perspective on Slavery in the Romantic Era: Hannah More’s Abolitionist Poems.”

7. Irish Encounters: Recreation and Resistance on Stage and in Poetry
- Csilla Bertha, “ ‘The despised and lonesome of the world’: Colonial Encounters at the Boundaries in Sebastian Barry’s Whistling Psyche.”
- Peter Kuch, “Dancing Women and Shadowy Gunmen: The Abbey Theatre in the ‘City of Churches’.”
- Munira H. Mutran, “Literary Encounters: ‘Re-Creations of Euripides’. The Trojan Women and Hecuba.”
- Jürgen Shlaeger, “Seamus Heaney’s Postcolonial Lessons.”

8. Ireland’s Transcultural Currents in Drama, Poetry and Prose
- Toshi Furomoto, “A Reconsideration of the Use of Adaptation: Translating ‘At the Hawk’s Well’ – a Case Study.”
- Donald Morse, “Of Sheep, Dogs and Translation.”
- Antonio Raúl de Toro Santos, “Westering home: Santiago de Compostela-Dublin in the Works of Otero Pedrayo and James Joyce.”
- Naoko Toraiwa, “Trans-home: Language and Home in Contemporary Poetry in Ireland.”

9. Cultural Clash in Spain: from Civil War to Postwar
- Alberto Lázaro, “The British Colonial Novel in Spain: Popularity, Immorality and Censorship.”
- Nicholas Meihuizen, “Roy Campbell and the Spanish Civil War.”
“Censors Also Cry: A New Hypothesis on the Publication of the 1945 Spanish Translation of Rosamond Lehmann’s The Weather in the Streets.”

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