Wolfgang Zach / Ken L. Goodwin (eds.)
Nationalism vs. Internationalism
(Inter)National Dimensions of Literatures in English

Band 10, 1996, XVIII, 577 Seiten, geb.
EUR 127,30
ISBN 978-3-86057-310-5
Reihe: Studies in English and Comparative Literature


Both ‘nationalism’ and ‘internationalism’ have been central factors in shaping our world order, culture, and literature. These conflicting, yet intertwined concepts and tendencies are of particular importance to our understanding of ‘Literatures in English’ as written and published around the globe. Various aspects of this theme are studied in this volume. Voices from many parts of the world, many social conditions, and many speaking positions engage in a dialogue that is passionate, intelligent, and concerned to advance both theory and practice. The wisdom of the ages communicates with the latest theory and the latest texts to produce a ferment of creative ideas. The volume is the result of the Graz Conference of the European Association of Commonwealth Literature and Language Studies and represents a major contribution to international literary studies.  

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